Perfeito Círculo Presente

Perfeito Círculo Presente

Perfect gift circle talks about desire. It’s not about the desire of flesh but, before that, the desire of communication, the need to create bridges, to see yourself as a whole that naturally creates when in front of another one – another whole. From the Padre Antonio Vieira’s masterpiece “O Sermão de Nossa Senhora do Ó”, the piece explores the feminine, what’s intrinsically human and generative, in contradiction with the masculine, as a brutal force.

With Miguel Lucas Mendes sound that dresses up the classic words with a particular sense of contemporaneity – in a symbiosis with the actress voice that gives her flesh and soul to each one of the words and the actor’s body that fills each silence, we present this multidisciplinary object, based on the berlin aesthetic.

Originally created for the Portuguese national Television ( RTP2 ), it will be airing in September 2016 as part of a theatre cycle. Daniel Gorjão was one of the creators chosen by the TV channel to recreate and make an adaptation for theatre of this Portuguese Classic Sermon – and he brought it to nowadays.


Creation and artistic direction Daniel Gorjão | Dramaturgy Daniel Gorjão e Maria Jorge, from “O Sermão de Nossa Senhora do Ó”- Padre António Vieira | Cast Maria Jorge e João Villas-Boas | Sound Miguel Lucas Mendes | Vocal coach Luis Moreira | Movement coach Maria Carvalho | Production and Technical Direction Sara Garrinhas | Comunication ShowBuzz | Photography Paulo Pimenta

Running Time | 30 minutes