Que o dia te seja limpo

Que o dia te seja limpo

‘May your day be clear’ is a promise. But a promise that starts as a reflection about the human’s rot. Al Berto’s words meet the limitless bodies of the performers. More than anything we’re searching for a new conception of beauty on stage. From the guts.

It’s about exploring a new grammar and new aesthetics on stage. The set more than a visual element is a catalyst for the performers’ senses, sensations, feelings and relationships. It’s about exploring the danger itself on stage.

It’s about thinking theatre deeply. And risking beyond the preconceptions and usual performatic structures. For this reason, we mix professional performers with real people bringing their different backgrounds, experiences and references to share with us on stage. The aim is to open up our own minds and create an object that’s plural and questions itself and its performers all the time.

There’s fire on stage: in their bodies, in their words, in all the empty spaces. We’re all flesh there. Anonymous and alone. No metaphors or euphemisms, we’re talking about the human nature here. Simply. Asking openly: who are we in the end? From the darkest bit of our soul.


Creation and artistic direction Daniel Gorjão | Movement coach Maria Azevedo Carvalho | Dramaturgy Cátia Terrinca | Cast Cátia Terrinca, Rui Palma and André Delgado, Carolina Arantes, Filipe Dias, Gabriel Lapas, Mariana Almeida, Tiago Faria (teenagers from Minde/Alcanena) | Lighting disegn Miguel Cruz | sound and video Sara Vicente | Costumes Matilde Azevedo Neves | production João Figueiredo Dias and Sara Garrinhas | Technical Direction Sara Garrinhas | Comunication Tiago Mansilha

[Co-prodution Teatro do Vão and Festival Materiais Diversos]

Running Time | 60 minutos

Premiere |September 19th, 2013 | Cine-Teatro S. Pedro, Alcanena
Presentation | May 8th thru 11th, 2014 | Teatro Taborda-Teatro da Garagem, Lisboa