Radiografia de um Nevoeiro Imperturbável

Radiografia de um Nevoeiro Imperturbável

It’s a game where we’re constantly playing power. It’s the conflict between the destiny of a country and the love of a man that happens to govern it. It’s a story out of time and space that will always be in repeat because a king will always be a man with a heart beating inside of him. Maybe because of that the man inside of the king will admit, at a certain point, with his head down: ‘ The nature of each one of us isn’t something we can change easily’.
It’s the eternal youth of the ones who are sure they need to keep on changing even if they’re not sure about which direction to take.

It’s about assuming the risk of wanting something bigger.

It’s about the eternal compromise you have with the place where you were born.

It’s about nowadays where the fog can’t stop us, it has to make us go further.
It’s about the body that, even being guided by the heart – or maybe because of that – is unable to go. The body that stays restless, trying to reinvent itself.
To be a king is, after all, to have a thousand faces and constantly failing in each one of them. It is to invent a future without being able to get rid of the fear you feel inside.
‘Radiografia de um nevoeiro imperturbável’ is a contained scream of these restless people that are still to come.


from Fernado Augusto’s play, Príncipe Bão | Creation and artistic direction Daniel Gorjão | Dramaturgy Cátia Terrinca, Ricardo Boléo | Stage Design Daniel Gorjão com Bruno Terra da Motta | Lighting Design Miguel Cruz | Sound Design Sara Vicente | Cast André Patrício, Cátia Terrinca, João Duarte Costa, João Villas–Boas, Miguel Raposo, Teresa Tavares e Ana Rita Rosa, André Delgado, Fernanda Azougado, Filipe Freitas, Inês Cruz, João Reis | Movement coach Maria Azevedo Carvalho | Voice coach Luís Moreira | Costumes Ricardo Aço | Executive Prodution Teatro do Vão João Figueiredo Dias | Production and Technical Direction  Teatro do Vão Sara Garrinhas | Production Direction Teatro do Vão Cristina Correia

co-production TNDM II, Teatro do Vão

Running Time | 60 min

Premiére | 13 November thru 7 de December 2014 – D. Maria II National Theatre, Lisbon

Presentation | 20 and 21 March – Teatro Municipal Joaquim Benite – Almada

Espectáculo financiado pela Direcção Geral das Artes.