Um dia dancei só dancei um dia

Um dia dancei só dancei um dia

To start from love and then to write letters. To read letters. To read them again. To dive into letters. To discover letters.

There are two actresses on stage and an immense research that made us create a documentary where, basically, women read love letters. Their own letters. Or are they someone else’s love letter? Letters always.

What’s lacking us? What are we missing from people, from places, from ourselves.

Love as a way to express the self. The only way to fulfill our emptiness. By writing a love letter, we reveal ourselves in our individuality. What we write, as well as what we love, is a place that we want to occupy.

It all starts with the eyes and the words of the real women that we’ve filmed.

To start with the reality, to capture it and to put it on stage in permanent conflict with the theatre with its natural artificiality.

To start from the universal sense of love to the specificity of the individual experiences with all their casualty, all their danger and all their truth. To put it on stage.


Conception and artistic direction Daniel Gorjão | Cast Katrin Kaasa, Teresa Tavares | Dramaturgy assistant João Duarte Costa | Stage design Daniel Gorjão and Luis Valente | Costumes Daniel Gorjão and Matilde Azevedo Neves | Video Filipe Moura Ramos | Still photos Carlos Ramos | Music Anne Kaasa | Sound Pedro Costa | Lighting designer Miguel Cruz | Props Teatro Nacional D. Maria II | Voiceover Maria Jorge Marques | Executive production João Figueiredo Dias

Running Time | 70 minutes

Premiére | July 7th to 18th, 2010 | Festival de Teatro de Almada